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Editorial: Ronda Rousey, The Princess And The Pea?


Most of you have likely at least heard of the fable “The Princess and the Pea”.  It tells of a king who wishes to marry a “True Princess” and that in order to tell if his bride to be is truly of royal descent then she must be tested.  The test he devises is quite something…  He has his servants construct a bed with several mattresses layered one on top of the other and at the very bottom beneath the last mattress from the baseboard he places a single raw pea.  His thought being that only a true princess would know that a pea had been placed under the layers of mattresses.  Well comical as the story is it is merely an expression of how fastidious a “princess” can be.  Naturally, as the story goes the princess sleeps on the bed one evening and wakes the next day.  When asked how she slept she claims it was horrible.  She tossed and turned all night, as if there had been a enormous problem with the bed.  Of course the king was happy and thus the story ends.

Now we cut to 2013 and have a look at MMA’s “True Princess”, Ronda Rousey.  My my, how fastidious she can be.  Especially when it comes to her public perception on twitter.  Her recent explosion, calling out detractors on twitter who do not wish to see her retire any time soon just wreaks of the princess making a mountain out of a mole hill…. or perhaps a “pea”.  What could warrant such a response as “hating twitter bitches” to fans (even when they may be disgruntled) by a veritable celebrity?  One would think, as the crown jewel of WMMA in the UFC that Ms. Rousey should be far above all this smack talk.

This is nothing new of course…  Many fighters have often mouthed off when they shouldn’t, sometimes just to get more publicity.  However this really seemed a bit more personal and seems to indicate perhaps a little hint of stress.  The kind of stress one accumulates when they gain too much popularity too quickly.  Is Ronda ready to marry the king?

If you ask Meisha Tate, you can rest assured her answer would be a dead simple “Hell No!”.  Yet, as an owner of a publication that has grown in popularity very quickly I can relate to Ronda’s frustrations.  There are times when articles we release are not so well received by our readers and it’s challenging to watch the hateful comments flow in.  However, that is just part of the business.  You must be ready for it and you must be prepared to handle things in a diplomatic and dignified manner.  No matter the comments from her twitter followers, Ms. Rousey needs to learn more self control or she should simply hand the management of her twitter communications over to a PR rep.  Thus avoiding such public emotional outbursts.  In the end, as justified as she may feel making those comments today, in the long run they do more harm than good to her reputation over all.

What are your thoughts?  Is Ronda responding appropriately to her detractors or should she show more restraint?

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