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UFC: Jose Aldo Accuses Randy Couture Of Steroid Use


The greatest featherweight who ever lived, Jose Aldo, came forward with a mouthful of controversy recently. TRT and steroids are in the headlines like clockwork these days, and on the subject of TRT many members of the MMA community are split. Aldo showed his colors, coming out in support of Testosterone Replacement Therapy while talking to Tatame “I don’t see the problem with using TRT, everybody uses steroids, from the champion to the newcomer. I believe we from Nova Uniao are the only ones that don’t do that, because Andre Pederneiras was always against steroids. I think it’s wrong to criticize someone who came forward and said they take TRT.” This should be a huge statement for most who really read into it.  It is not uncommon for fighters like Roy Nelson to make this same statement, but Jose’s word is much more valuable. Everyone uses steroids? Including champions? Jose Aldo is a UFC champion, and unlike most who make that same statement, his word should be taken much more seriously. He has close interactions with the UFC’s champions, and we can only hope he is not talking about them when he says this. A UFC champ being popped for steroid abuse could do terrible things for the legitimacy of the sport.

Aside from sharing his knowledge of widespread steroid abuse, he also points out that he does not think Randy Couture was clean for his whole career. On top of that, he states that he is 100% ok with TRT use, and would use it later in his career if need be. He states “Americans always used that. Randy Couture fought until he was 50, and you say he was clean? If the doctors prescribe you and you’re on the limits, OK, I see no problem. If I need that one day, I will use TRT too.”