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UFC: Mousasi Attacks Belfort, States “Do your job!”


Gegard Mousasi (34-3-2) (1-0 UFC) has found himself the subject of conversation more often than usual recently. This is due to the fighter finally being in the UFC mix like most MMA fans have wanted for years. He is holding no punches, after a decision win over Llir Latifi in which he jabbed his opponent to the end of the third, he feels like the next step in his career should be a fighter of the caliber of Vitor Belfort. He is chasing the fight so much so, that he is challenging Vitor to a fight anywhere, not any particular weight class.”The Phenom isn’t willing to take the fight at 185 pounds, then he can pick the weight where he feels most comfortable – just as long as he takes the fight. I will make this easy on Vitor, if he is going to continue to make conditions on who he will fight, I will face Vitor at a catchweight or at light heavyweight. At the end of the day, I want to fight the best guys for the title. I don’t turn down fights.” Belfort, who seems to think that he is eternally the contender for any belt he decides he wants next, doesn’t want the Mousasi fight however.

It is true that the casual MMA fans don’t know Mousasi very well. But the people who really follow the sport know that Mousasi is an animal in the cage and would be clamoring for a title fight for either man who won this fight impressively. Mousasi just does not understand The Phenom’s reluctance to take this fight, as he says “Vitor is a fighter, and he is not getting any younger. He gets paid to fight. He should get in there and do his job with or without the belt. That is his job, and he should not be making such conditions because he is only losing time and opportunity. I only want to fight guys that want to fight me and are willing to challenge themselves in the process. If Vitor will do his job, then I will gladly face him at 185 pounds, 195 pounds or 205 pounds. I know both the fans and the UFC want this fight badly. If Vitor does not want to fight, then give me any No. 1 contender in the middleweight division.”

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