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Junior Dos Santos Says Ronda Rousey is ‘Cute’, But Miesha Tate is ‘Really Gorgeous… My God!’

Photo Credit: UFC.com / Getty Images

Former UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos seems to have a bit of crush on female bantamweight contender Miesha Tate. In a recent interview with UOL Esporte, Dos Santos told the publication that he was impressed with the beauty of both Ronda Rousey and her rival Miesha Tate.

However, Dos Santos added that while the current champion is “cute,” he thought that Miesha Tate was “really gorgeous.”

The love struck fighter stated that, “I was impressed on how Miesha is gorgeous. Not that Ronda isn’t beautiful, but let’s say she’s more regular. She’s cute. But Miesha is really gorgeous. Have you seen her already? On TV, I thought she was normal, but when I met her … My God!”

Dos Santos recently accompanied both Tate and Rousey during the UFC’s World Tour. There’s been no comment yet from Tate’s boyfriend and coach Bryan Caraway, who may not be too pleased at the interest Dos Santos has been taking in Caraway’s partner.

Tate and Rousey meanwhile will star in the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, leading rival teams. They’ll subsequently meet in the octagon for a rematch at UFC 168 in December.