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Dana White Fires Back at the Las Vegas Culinary Union, Tells Them to ‘Eat it’


Dana White’s “war” with the Las Vegas Culinary Union continued earlier this week when the latter attempted to stop the licensing of Chael Sonnen in Boston. Sonnen was later cleared to fight in the UFC on Fox Sports main event, and in a predictable turn of events, White was not a humble winner.

White took to Twitter stating, “Chael vs Shogun LIVE and FREE on FOX Sports 1 August 17th! EAT IT Las Vegas Culinary Union.”


The feud between the UFC and the Culinary Union has been ongoing for a few years now. It can be traced back to the latter’s attempt to unionize the employees of Station Casinos, a chain of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. The majority owners in the business just happen to be Frank Fertitta III and Lorenzo Fertitta, who are also the majority owners of Zuffa LLC, and in turn own the UFC.

Because of this connection, the UFC has been drawn into the Union’s fight against Station. In 2011, the Culinary Union created a website called “UnfitForChildren.org,” which originally highlighted Dana White’s proclivity for colorful language, and later turned to an overall “parents vs cagefighting” angle. The Culinary Union also holds a Twitter account at @FightFairMMA, which often highlights some of the more inappropriate remarks from the UFC’s growing stable of athletes.

More recently, the UFC shot back with a website called “TheTruthAboutCulinary226.com,” which sought to “set the record straight regarding the motivation for this campaign, while highlighting the UFC’s role as a strong community leader.”

Right now, it doesn’t seem like either side is willing to back down. This most recent scuffle in Boston is likely just another small battle in a much more drawn out war.