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Do You Find Her Thirst-Quenching? Lyoto Machida Seems to Think So…


Lyoto Machida is known as an unorthodox individual inside the octagon. From his background in shotokan karate, to his implementation of sensational techniques like the flying crane-kick, his unique style poses difficulties for any challenger. Despite exciting finishes within the octagon (mixed in with a few tentative performances), it is often Machida’s philosophies outside the cage that draw the most interest.

It’s long been public knowledge that Machida embraces the controversial practice of “urine therapy” as part of his training regimen. Proponents claim that drinking one’s own urine will cleanse the body of impurities and strengthen the immune system against several diseases. There is little scientific findings to back these beliefs, but it is a method that has been around for over 1,000 years, and has been practiced by many different cultures.

MMAFighting.com posted a clip of the former light heavyweight champion’s recent appearance on a Brazilian television program in the lead up to his match against Phil Davis. While I don’t speak Portuguese, I don’t think this clip needs any subtitles. It seems the station found a brave female reporter that didn’t mind sharing. Let us know what you think.