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Rampage Says He Had Secret Rivalry With Tito Ortiz


In November, Bellator will be headlining its first PPV event with a scrutinized match between Tito Ortiz and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. It’s definitely a surprising pairing considering the two have been friends and training partners for well over a decade.

At a recent press event however, Rampage revealed that there’s always been a bit of a rivalry between the two. He and Ortiz first started training while Rampage was fighting in Japan with Pride FC, and Ortiz was defending his UFC title in the states.

“I trained with Tito for years and I can tell secretly there’s been a little competition between me and Tito,” Jackson said. “I remember when I first started training with him and Ricco Rodriguez, they used to kick my ass all the time and stuff like that. They used to enjoy it.”

“Then I started getting a little bit better and me and Tito started going at it a little bit harder and stuff like that,” he continued. “And there’s always been little times when me and Tito went at it in training. We went at it before a couple of times in training.”

Rampage elaborated that he and Tito have had a few scuffles behind closed doors.

“There’s been a couple times at Big Bear and me and Tito had some battles that people would never see,” he said. “And now it’s going to come out in the cage and in front of everybody. And so‎, yes, it’s going to be tough fighting a good friend like Tito, but at the end of the day, I trust that Tito wants to put on a good show for the fans because that’s what he is, he’s a showman and I’m a showman.”

They’ll finally be bringing that rivalry out into the public eye when they square off on November 2 at Bellator: Rampage vs Tito. Here’s to hoping the both of them put on a great show.