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Ronda Rousey Blows Up at Fan Over Sex Question


Ronda Rousey is no doubt one of the biggest reasons why Dana White decided to take a chance on female divisions in the UFC. The female bantamweight champion is a fearsome competitor inside the Octagon, but the fact that she also happens to be charismatic and attractive has helped to elevate her from just another fighter to an international superstar.

Unfortunately, this spotlight has put a strange focus on her sex appeal that most male competitors wouldn’t have to deal with. While on the UFC World Tour, Rousey was chatting with fans in New York when she was asked how often she has sex before her fights.

Unsurprisingly, Rousey was not very happy with the question, as a YouTube clip from the event shows.

While the question was clearly inappropriate, the video has called into attention Rousey’s recent actions. She has posed nude for both Maxim and ESPN (albeit tastefully), and has addressed the sex issue before in an interview. Whether purposefully or not, the fighter has cultivated a “sexy” image that has no doubt been instrumental in her meteoric rise in popularity.

Regardless, it is clear that Rousey is very serious about her MMA career, and that her training and fights come before her newfound status as a celebrity. Hopefully, these recent antics will not distract her from her upcoming bout with Cat Zingano at the TUF finals.