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Fixing A Dislocated Shoulder Using The “Cunningham Method”


Although it’s always a shock to see someone dislocate a limb, the actual frequency with which these injuries occur is far more common than some might imagine.  After UFC 163 many may likely have wondered just how Chan-Sung Jung (The Korean Zombie) might have had his shoulder fixed after the nasty dislocation that occurred during his bout with Jose Aldo.

In this video you will see one of the more gentle approaches.  So gentle in fact, it’s almost difficult to tell when the point of relocation occurs because the patient is quite relaxed during the procedure.

In summary the Cunningham Method for shoulder relocation involves gently massaging the muscle tissue surrounding the area of dislocation until the bone pops back into place on it’s own.  You see, our muscles are designed to keep our skeletal system together in a specific form, however when something goes wrong (either a severe trauma to the joint or a muscle spasm) the connecting bone may be dislodged from the joint after which more muscle spasms will keep the bone from easily returning to it’s proper location. The condition is very painful and contrary to what some hollywood films would have you believe, rather difficult to fix on your own.  (Although there are examples of survivalists successfully relocating a dislocated joint on their own.)

This specific method requires at least one or more people to work on the muscle tissue while gently keeping the arm in position to allow the bone to return to it’s natural place once the muscle spasms have stopped.  The Cunningham Method is not the only method for relocating a shoulder and neither is it effective for all shoulder dislocations.

If any of our readers have experience with dislocations of their own and would like to share their stories on how they repaired the injury we would like to hear from you.  Please tell us all about it in the comments section!

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