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UFC 163 Aftermath: The Korean Zombie Wants Another Piece of “Aldo Pie”


You might think he’d be stuffed after the extra helping of shoulder busting beatings that came from Aldo during the confrontation at UFC 163, but Chan-Sung Jung is apparently hungry for more.  The willful fighter was disappointed after his loss to Jose Aldo and the separation of his shoulder mid-fight ended any chance he had of defeating the champion during that bout.

The notorious Korean Zombie had a few things to say at UFC 163’s post-fight conference,

“(My shoulder) was really painful when it first separated, but when they took us back to the medical room, they popped it back into place. Now it feels okay,”.

Jung’s perserverence is nothing less than inspiring, amidst all the pain from his shoulder separating he didn’t call for medics but instead tried to put it back into place while Aldo mercilessly capitalized on the fighters obvious injury.

Even after such a defeat The Zombie hasn’t given up yet, he still wants another crack at Aldo,

As far as the rematch goes, I would love to get a rematch,” Jung said. “I would love to ask for a rematch, but I think there are other people that are waiting in line right now, and I probably have to get a couple more wins in the division before they’ll give me another shot at the title.”

Jung’s realistic outlook shows much about his character, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see more of the Zombie once he recovers.  The real question is with two damaged shoulders, one that’s been dislocated twice since training and the other having had extensive reparatory surgery, does this fighter have what it takes (physically) to withstand another bout against Aldo?  We’ll let the physicians and trainers decide that one.  All of us here at SciFighting wish him a speedy recovery and a return to the octagon in full force!

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