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UFC’s Rousey and Tate Engage in Vicious Tongue Lashing on ESPN Sports Center!


UFC is doing everything it can to promote these two women as the ultimate rivalry in WMMA to ever hit the sport of MMA.  Thankfully both these athletes know how to have a verbal battle that includes everything from body language with a lot of shade being thrown in each direction and some snide quips that definitely look like they’d leave a sting on the other’s skin.

These two women are both beautiful and tough as nails.  It’s definitely going to be an exciting match up to say the least.  As the UFC is going on their World Tour both Meisha and Ronda are making their appearances to entice fans and media with their obvious distaste for each other.  (As entertaining as it is perhaps a little less tongue and a little more fist in the ring will finally put an end to this constant cat fight.)  The real question will be if Ronda can continue her undefeated first round arm bar winning streak or if  Tate can pull an upset and show the world that the “arm bar queen” has finally met her match!

You can be sure we will be watching these two fighters closely!

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