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5 Fatal Death Punches!


Do you have the strength and skill to kill?

Probably not, nor should you if it can ever be avoided, but in case you are in a situation where your life is in danger and you need to end things quickly, here are 5 ways to kill your attacker using the most natural weapon at your disposal- your body.


Death Punch One: The Temple Blast:


The Temple is a proven weak point of the human skull and with enough force you can kill a person in one shot. The best delivery of this death punch would either be a powerhouse hook with the middle knuckle aimed directly at the temple, or if you have them on the ground a straight punch to the temple with everything you got should do the trick. At the very least the hit will cause a lot of pain and disorientation, if more power is added it can cause loss of consciousness and blindness, and if you are a beast with the right punch it can be fatal.


Death Punch Two: The Cyclops Thrust


We all know the eyes are very sensitive, everyone has had a rogue eyelash take a brisk dip into their eye at one point or another, and I don’t care who you are, you know it sucks. This next death punch is less of a punch and more of a really evil poke. If you extend your index and middle fingers while having your other three fingers closed and thrust forward as hard as you possibly can at someones eye you can force the eye out of the socket and plunge it, and your fingers, straight back into the brain which can potentially cause death. This move takes perfect aim and timing- good luck pulling it off. If it doesn’t kill the person, you just turned them into a cyclops and they probably won’t want to fight you anymore.


Death Punch Three: The Throat Crush

Chase accepts punch in neckIt doesn’t take a genius to realize we need our throats to stay intact to breathe, so lets see how we can destroy it. (Evil Grin) As ridiculous as this might sound- the Karate chop is a great way to disrupt the throat. With enough force it can be fatal, but most likely you’ll send your opponent to their knees gasping for air and then you can pummel them to your little hearts content. A better way is a powerful punch straight to the wind pipe. It can cause the wind pipe to collapse which obviously will make it so the person can’t breath and they will essentially suffocate to death. That is, if you don’t cyclops thrust them or temple blast them first.


Death Punch Four: Back Of The Dome Hammer


There is a reason why punches to the back of the head are outlawed in MMA, they ARE fatal. One of the most delicate places on the human body is where the spine meets the base of the skull. One good punch to that sweet spot and you can easily cause paralysis or death. In this instance it doesn’t really matter how you hit it, straight punch, haymaker, karate chop, stomp, however the hell you decide to hit your attacker just do it with power and they will go down.


Death Punch Five: The Spinal Tap

NewPicture098You know that cord that dangles from your brain all the way down your back that lets your brain communicate with and control the rest of your body? Yeah, its pretty vulnerable. Any blow to the spine can easily cause paralysis and if you get em’ good enough, death. The higher up on the spine you sever- the greater amount of paralysis you will cause. Punches and kicks are effective, but the real killers are your elbows. Smash your attacker on the spine at the base of the neck with the god of all elbow strikes and you’ve just won – no contest.


Finally, please remember the information in this article is meant for educational purposes.  We DO NOT encourage you to “test” any of the maneuvers on any one with out proper training, supervision and/or just cause.  The body is powerful and vulnerable, it should be respected and as such always take great care when studying and practicing martial arts!

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Sean Culver
Sean’s fascination with Martial Arts began when he was a child going to karate classes in a gym at a local school in Lake Forest, CA. Although his training was cut short, his passion was not. Over the years he became active in competitive wrestling where he took first place in almost all tournaments he competed in. Upon graduating High School Sean felt a higher calling to serve in the military, more specifically, the Army Airborne Infantry. During his time in service he trained in Modern Army Combatives, which is based largely on Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, as well as extensive training on military weapons and tactics. Due to his mental and physical prowess he was sent to intensive training for hand to hand combat tactics where he honed his skills for combat in full battle attire. Having done over two years of combat time in Afghanistan, Sean can bring to light a new side of fighting and tactics that he has not only experienced first hand, but has employed while being in direct contact with the enemy. In addition to Modern Army Combatives, Sean has also trained in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wing Chun. With as much as Sean loves the Martial Arts, it was only natural that competitive fighting and MMA would draw him into its world of high class fighters.