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UFC: Ronda Rousey Wants To Keep It Close To The Breast!


Ronda Rousey is becoming one of the pioneers of woman’s MMA. She is a perfect role model, worlds first UFC woman’s champion, and now a leading critic of attire for woman in MMA. After a few near wardrobe malfunctions, she is becoming an example in MMA of why we need a woman’s dress code. During her fight with Liz Carmouche, she was placed into a position where Carmouche had her back with a rear naked choke nearly sunk in, and Rousey was more concerned with her top which was slipping off, than she was with defending the choke. That is a real eye opener. Not only did her top hinder her ability to fight the submission, it also caused her to take unnecessary punishment. As she stood up and backed away from a grounded Carmouche, she was adjusting the straps on her bra and took a kick straight to the chest. This is not something that a fighter should have to be concerned with when he or she is in the middle of doing battle with another extremely experienced professional.

When it comes to what was going through Ronda’s head as she was fighting the submission, she said,

“I was thinking about my bra, actually. I kept thinking I diddnt order this one myself, so they gave me my weigh in bra for the fight. If you look back, i was readjusting myself at one point when she was on my back. Multitasking! I felt fine with her on my back. I was thinking more about keeping my sports bra up while she was trying to choke me. I felt very safe and in control, even though it didn’t look like it.”

When worrying about silly things like this, how is the womans champ ever supposed to be taken seriously or look unstoppable? You cannot built hype around someone like that. Things need to change.