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UFC: Dana White, “Vitor Belfort drives me crazy!”


Vitor Belfort is consistant if anything. Badgering Dana White and everybody he can possibly get ahold of, begging for a title shot. After losing title fights against Anderson Silva and Jon “Bones” Jones, Vitor seems to think that he is still entitled to immediate title shots off of any win he may get. In his refusal to fight his way through the ranks of either Middleweight or Light Heavyweight, he states that he will now only take one fight at light heavyweight, or catch-weight bouts until his next shot. After Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva at UFC 162, Vitor was relentless in texting, emailing, tweeting, and calling Dana White begging for either Weidman or Silva. He seems to think that the entire UFC revolves around him, and that there is no limit to what he is entitled to. Though this mode of thinking is pretty understandable due to the UFC’s recent method of giving title shots, Vitor needs to remember that there’s still a line that must be crossed and he can’t force it. Not even Cheal Sonnen is getting another title shot anytime soon, so why should he?

Obviously frustrated with Vitors antics, Dana White is quoted saying “Vitor doesn’t want the Kennedy fight. So I said okay, lets do him and Rashad. He want’s to fight at a heavier weight, let’s do him and Rashad. I haven’t heard back on that yet. Vitor drives me crazy man. Lorenzo can deal with Vitor, not me.” Now Vitor is screaming his head off about a fight with Cheal Sonnen, even though Cheal is booked to face Shogun Rua. Somebody just give this guy a fight so he’ll be quiet already.

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