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Bellator: Rising Star Michael Chandler Ruthlessly Batters David Rickels


Bellator’s lightweight champion and star athlete Michael Chandler made quick work of David Rickels Wednesday night, when he knocked him out cold in 44 seconds. All Chandler needed was thirty seconds before he found his range and sent his opponent to the mat with a quick counter right hand. As Rickels attempted to get back to his feet, Chandler ruthlessly fired off uppercuts and right hands  and chased his man to the ground. A flurry of strikes to his grounded opponent was all it took to put out David’s lights. Chandler had his belt wrapped around his waist and spoke to the audience “I’m just blessed to be getting better every single day. I love my job, and I love this opportunity to step in the Bellator cage, You can’t have fear out here. I train my butt of every single day. Why not come out here and lay it on the line? Nothing bad can happen if you train your butt off and make the right decisions and surround yourself with the right people.”

One of MMA’s most dominant grapplers, Ben Askren, used his suffocating ground game to dominate Andrey Koreshkov for four and a half rounds, before he put him away with punches to earn a TKO victory. This did not come without a negative impact however, as Askren’s game was considered boring by the US crowd who boo’d him. He addressed them after his fight “Andrey said he’s never been broken. Well, snap, crackle and pop, the fans were representing the US for a couple of rounds. I don’t know whether these fans were anti-American or communists or what, but they started booing.”

Another key player in Bellator’s fight game, King Mo Lawal massacred his opponent Jacob Noe, taking him to the matt and pounding him out winning by TKO in round three.