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Rampage Jackson vs Tito Ortiz Set For Bellator On Pay-Per-View!


Rampage vs Tito Ortiz has been announced as the headliner of the first Bellator on pay-per-view event on November 2nd. Also, pigs are flying in hell, which froze over the second this fight was announced. Apparently the Rampage vs Roy Jones Jr fight is on hold for a while, and this strange new event will be taking place. As much of a fan I am of both Tito and Rampage, the purpose of this fight does not seem to be based on contention, but more a spectacle. This match will be taking place in the Long Beach arena, and no other matches are yet confirmed.

Rampage Jackson made sure to clear the air about the Roy Jones fight, saying “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. There’s a lot of rumors out there. I don’t know how that one got so big. You know, I’m down to fight Roy. I’m a big fan of his, though. I’m a big fan. I’mma tell you: the only pair of Jordans, the first pair of J0rdans I ever bought, was ’cause Roy Jones had them on. You know what I’m saying? I’m a big fan of that man. He’s from the South, I’m from the South. He’s one of the best boxers of his time. A legend. He’s the man. I seen him knock people out with no hands. You know what I’m saying? But this time, I’m going to give the fans what they want. My first fight in Bellator, I want it to be an MMA fight, not a boxing match. Because I love MMA. Again. I’m fighting this guy that’s coming out right now.” Very respectful, if a little disappointing. Can Roy Jones please fight an MMA fighter? Jeez.

This match, if anything should prove to be very entertaining. Maybe this will be the boost Bellator needs to get to the next level. Time will tell.