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UFC: Cain “I’m going to hit him like a girl again”


In response to remarks made by Junior Dos Santos saying that Cain hits like a girl, even though Cain battered his face in their second match, Cain states “I guess I’m just going to hit him like a girl again”. Cain also acknowledges that Junior was just playing around in an interview when he said this, by saying “He said before that he said it in a joking kind of interview you know? Why is it going to bug me? I know what I did in the second fight, and I’m going to do it again in the third fight.”

Personally I believe that these guys truly respect each other, and no harm done by a couple words. They are both at the very top of their division and I couldn’t really tell you if this will even be the last time they face off. They both have a single very dominant win over each other, Junior’s win coming by a very quick knockout, and Cain’s by absolute dominant destruction over the course of five rounds. Unless the third fight looks exactly like the second, with Cain winning a dominant decision or tko, it’s hard to imagine these two warriors not meeting again at some point in their careers.

They are the UFC’s first well rounded and dominant heavyweights. They are the real deal, an absolute far cry from the Tim Sylvia era and we are all very lucky that we get to be fans of this sport at a time like this.