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BREAKING: UFC Signs Neo-Nazi


Benjamin Brinsa, German Mixed Martial Artist who is 13-0 and a confirmed member of a Leipzig Hooligan group, “Scenario LOK”, has recently been signed by the UFC. He has been photographed standing behind a large banner promoting the group, and represents them with the nickname “Hooligan”. Though it is unknown whether the UFC did a background check on this guy, he is notorious in the German MMA scene and has very little support in their circuit. Brinsa is also known to help run a mail-order Nazi music distributer. He has very close ties with Thomas Persdorf, who is a nationally known Neo-Nazi and operates “Front Records” which is registered as the director of the company running the website “Aryan Brotherhood”. Brinsa trains at MMA academy “La familia” who’s prominent members are Neo-Nazi’s who train at that gym in preparation for their attacks on other people. Benjamin was going to fight for “Respect F.C.” recently, but was taken off of the fight card at the last second due to the promotion researching him and finding his ties to the Nazi community. Ben Helm, owner of Respect FC, stated that he originally did not see his Nazi ties and its a shame he can’t put him on the card. Brinsa was a valuable asset to the promotion because of his fight record, but regrettably they had to let him go. Helm states “We have absolutely no desire to have Nazi’s in the ring, or in the audience.”

So how the hell did this guy get into the worlds biggest MMA promotion, the UFC? Hopefully articles like this will bring him to light and the UFC will cut him. Or better yet, throw him in the cage with Condit and then cut him. Either way, the MMA community should let him know Nazis are not welcome.