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UFC: Johny Hendricks Looks To Break St-Pierre’s Jaw and Make Him Forget Who He Is!


Johny Hendricks is not afraid of the Canadian long time welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. In fact, he is very confident in his ability to knock him out cold. This is not an abstract idea, as Hendricks has demonstrated in his last few fights, he hits like a semi truck. Flooring Martin Kampann and Jon Fitch in the first minute somewhat recently, Hendricks proves that he only needs a split second to end anybody’s night. Though he may hit hard, and have the wrestling credentials to matchup with St-Pierre perfectly, his fight with Josh Koscheck shows that he can be outwrestled and controlled. That may not bode well for the Dallas native considering he’s going into a fight with the best man in the business when it comes to this exact strategy.

Brimming with confidence, Johny Hendricks is not the slightest bit concerned with being held down for five rounds, or being jabbed to a decision. Quite the opposite. When it comes to his strategy for countering St-Pierre’s usual tactics, he stated,

“He leans with his jab. He’s got a 76-inch reach. Whenever he actually does jab, if you watch him, he’ll lean in about three or four inches. In those three or four inches, you think you can swing back. You end up missing. Then what happens is you get flustered and you start reaching. As soon as you start reaching, he starts going underneath. The way you’ve got to counter that is to slip the jab, parry the jab, there’s a lot of other things you can do to close the distance. That’s the difference. Punch me in the face, I’ll punch you twice as hard. When I’m in there, all my goal is, is to break somebody’s jaw. Let them forget who they are that night. Let them wake up the next morning and go, ‘What the hell happened?’ That’s my goal every fight. So if he’s going to sit there and try to do that jab, watch. I’ll bite on my mouthpiece, I’ll eat one to throw my left or right hand, all day long.”

Comparatively speaking, this is the best strategy I’ve personally heard any of GSP’s opponents lay out.  Weidman just shocked the world by knocking out Anderson Silva.  In the same light Hendricks might be the man to pull off the seemingly impossible, knocking out GSP.