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Atheists And The World Of Warriors


In the face of adversity people act differently when it comes to religion. Some gain faith, some lose faith. Another factor in all of this is the culture that one is exposed to. In the military world, more specifically the infantry world, many scoff at the idea of religion and “some dude floating in the sky telling me what to do” and those who do believe get belittled about their faith. Whenever the Chaplain comes around there are very few who will actually go to his services. A lot of this has to do with the tough guy mentality of not needing any help. More lose their faith based off of what they experience, ” If there is a god then why is my friend dead, why would he let all these terrible things happen while just sitting atop his cloud of judgment and if I don’t follow his rules I go to hell?! What kind of b.s. is that? “.

It is very easy to blame an unknown entity for all the tragedies of life and it is a natural reaction to respond with anger and try to find someone or something to point your finger at. For some, these tragedies have the exact opposite effect and they thank god for sparing their life and they pray for his protection. It seems that either way, whether they hate god or adore god, it gives them some sort of fuel to keep going. From what I experienced most are just indifferent, they don’t care for religion and at the same time they don’t care if someone is religious. I personally respect those who are strong enough to stand up for what they believe in regardless of their environment or what other people say and who don’t push their beliefs off on others, whichever side they may take. While they may not fully be Atheists, it seems that the world of warriors is not so much a religious one.

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Sean Culver
Sean’s fascination with Martial Arts began when he was a child going to karate classes in a gym at a local school in Lake Forest, CA. Although his training was cut short, his passion was not. Over the years he became active in competitive wrestling where he took first place in almost all tournaments he competed in. Upon graduating High School Sean felt a higher calling to serve in the military, more specifically, the Army Airborne Infantry. During his time in service he trained in Modern Army Combatives, which is based largely on Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, as well as extensive training on military weapons and tactics. Due to his mental and physical prowess he was sent to intensive training for hand to hand combat tactics where he honed his skills for combat in full battle attire. Having done over two years of combat time in Afghanistan, Sean can bring to light a new side of fighting and tactics that he has not only experienced first hand, but has employed while being in direct contact with the enemy. In addition to Modern Army Combatives, Sean has also trained in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wing Chun. With as much as Sean loves the Martial Arts, it was only natural that competitive fighting and MMA would draw him into its world of high class fighters.