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Dana White Smashes Bellator For Rampage vs Roy Jones Jr Fight


It wasn’t too long ago that Bellator parent company viacom announced the match between the MMA veteran Rampage Jackson and legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. Out of all the criticism and support for this fight, Dana White is voicing his opinion the loudest. In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani he blew up about it stating,

“First of all, I think it sounds familiar. Ok? Sounds very familiar. They obviously saw that opportunity and Anderson (vs Roy) wasn’t happening so you know, they’re jumping on it. I was never guarenteed that it was gonna happen here but Viacom MMA, does not like to spend money. If they want Roy Jones, they’re gonna have to pay Roy Jones some big money. So me personally? I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it because Viacom MMA is not going to spend that kind of money. Not to mention the fact that the numbers they’re having right now, nobody want’s to watch their shit for free. So now they’re gonna try to get people to pay for it? And than what does boxing Rampage do? You know? Rampage was having trouble in here (UFC). But he’s gonna box Roy? It’s just weird, I dont believe it.”

Dana does make some valid points. Getting into the pay per view business is not easy, and it’s not the best idea attempting to do so while your ratings are so low. Also, Roy Jones is a former god in the boxing world, and has nothing to gain by beating Rampage in a boxing match. However, if Rampage somehow manages to beat Roy, all hell will break loose in the boxing and MMA communities. This may lead to even more boxing vs MMA crossover fights, so that is exciting. We’ll just have to wait and see!