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UFC World Tour: Tensions Rise Between Rousey and Tate


Perhaps a reporter was playing devils advocate today, at Club Nokia during the fighter Q and A between eight champions and contenders, as she asked the question “Miesha Tate, why can’t you look Ronda Rousey in the eyes?” Dana White immediately called the reporter  a troll, and Miesha stood up and said “I have no problem looking her in the eye, where you at Rousey?” While Ronda smiled and stayed seated, preferring to just show Tate her favorite finger. As I sat in the media section surrounded by cameras and flashing lights, I listened to Jon Jones answer a question about his brothers, stating that one of them could still take him in a fight. When a reporter asked Jones how his family was so genetically amazing, he started on a long story about steroids and drinking them out of a bottle as a baby. This did not last for long, because Dana immediately told the press that he was joking.
After the Q and A, were the stare downs. These were very professional and friendly, except for Gustasffon, who opted to get in Jon Jone’s face mean mugging.
After stare downs, Cain Velasquez, Dos Santos, Rousey, Tate,  Pierre, Hendricks, Jones, and Gustasffon, dispersed into the crowd signing autographs and doing interviews with reporters.

Cain vs Dos Santos has been proven to be nothing less than fantastic two times before, and the third should be just as impressive. Will the wrestler impose his will like last time? Or will Junior find his button like he has once before?
Much like Cain and Santos, Rousey and Tate have fought before. That fight ended quickly, in favor of Rousey by armbar in the first round. Has Tate improved her submission defense? Will she be able to keep this fight on the feet? If she does keep it standing, can she take Ronda in a striking battle?
Georges St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks may possibly be the first brawl Pierre has been involved with for years now. Hendricks has fantastic wrestling, possibly enough to keep the Canadian from his usual controlling strategy. Johny has a cannon for a left hand, and has landed it on plenty of wrestlers before. I wouldn’t miss this fight folks.
Two of the UFC’s skyscrapers will finally meet, when Jon Bones Jones does battle with Alexander Gustasffon. Without his normal significant reach advantage, how will Bones handle Alexander’s boxing? Will he strike with him at all, or will he try to floor the giant from the clinch?
Four champions, four contenders. Sounds to me like the rest of 2013 will be full of excitement. Don’t miss out everyone.

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