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2013 UFC World Tour: GSP Schools Media on Fight Strategy


Tuesday, July 30th at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles, Georges St. Pierre (as well as several other UFC fighters) participated in a Q&A session with the media.  When asked by the press about his strategy for the upcoming title fight against Johnny Hendricks.  Georges quickly snapped back with a witty and rather relevant comment indicating “It wouldn’t be much of a strategy if I told you about it. . .”

Sure, it may be a curiosity we all have, but who really expects any fighter to lay out their strategy for any upcoming fight in any detail?  Once that strategy gets out, of course, the competitor will dissect it and develop tactics to nullify any advantage that might have been-based on the original strategy.

Yes, we are used to hearing St. Pierre reply with sometimes dry and sharp wit, but this comment did elicit a few chuckles from both ourselves and the other media at the event.  The real question remains though, who will have the greater advantage coming into this bout between St. Pierre and Hendricks?  Will St. Pierre stick to his tried and true “lay and pray” strategy, or will he stay on his feet for the whole fight?

It’s true that Hendricks has a devastating left cross, but St. Pierre’s left jab is also one hell of a punch. It would be great to see these two go at it for 5 rounds of stand up fighting!

What do you think will happen when these two fighters meet?  Does GSP have a new and unique strategy planned out for Hendricks, or will it just be more of the same? And if so, who will win?

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