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UFC 163: Will the Zombie Survive?


Saturday, August 3, UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo  (22-1) and Chan Sung Jung (13-3) will meet in Rio de Janeiro for the main event of UFC 163. This will be Aldo’s 5th title defense in the UFC, returning unscathed from victories over stellar opponents, such as, Frankie Edgar, Chad Mendes, Kenny Florian, and Mark Hominick.

With Anthony Pettis pulling out of the fight due to injury, the Korean Zombie was more than eager to challenge the featherweight king. But will the Zombie survive?

If we take a look at their physical attributes, the two fighters are nearly identical. Both stand at 5’7, weigh around 145lbs., and have the same reach, with the Zombie having a slight one inch advantage. They are also 26 years old, but these statistics don’t provide any real insight into who will win come Saturday night. The only solid evidence we possess is the records and fight experience of each fighter, and in this department, the differences are staggering, and the favorite clearly emerges as Aldo.

Aldo boasts 14 victories in the past 7 years. Jung can only claim 3 victories in the past two years. To make matters even hairier, the Zombie has not fought in over a year!

Therefore, despite the hype, despite the media’s attempts to exaggerate Jung’s abilities, the stats depict a sad ending for the Zombie. But there are many in the MMA community who do not place their faith in previous, written accomplishments. The fans have seen the Zombie fight, and they believe he can stick it to the Brazilian boss. Statistics don’t make fights; styles make fights, and nobody can argue that the Zombie doesn’t own his own style.  Perhaps his forward pressing stone-dead like approach to striking will freak out the seasoned champ who has grown accustomed to intimidating orthodox fighters.

Should the Zombie win, we would see the first Korean champion in the UFC.

Yes, these are exciting times, and with Weidman’s recent KO over former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, the MMA world’s bubbling with anticipation and uncertainty; anything can happen, maybe…even a Zombie champion.

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