UFC: Top 5 Greatest Upsets


One of the most captivating aspects of MMA is the unpredictability that each fight presents. At any moment, regardless of the scorecard or assumed quality of a fighter, an underrated opponent possesses a puncher’s/grappler’s chance.  This is what makes the sport dazzle. It doesn’t matter how much higher one fighter is “rated” over the other; at the end of the day, two highly trained and very dangerous people are locked together in a steel cage and told to annihilate the person on the other side. Anything can happen, and we love when it does.

Upsets are reminders to fans and fighters alike, that the sport is living, breathing, and constantly changing. Nothing stays the same, and thank God it doesn’t, or else we wouldn’t be able to review the top 5 greatest upsets in UFC history. So, I invite you to go down memory lane with with me, to events far and distant, to some that may conjure up sad memories and others- glorious moments of jubilee.




forrest upset

5 July 2012

That’s right, folks. Nobody, and I mean nobody, expected Forrest to pull this one off. Dodging Rampage’s haymakers and kicking his way to seize the UFC Light HeavyWeight Championship, Forrest Griffin shocked the entire MMA world. Heck, even Forrest looked surprised after he won. But I tip my hat to him; the man is made of nuts and bolts and his spirit, that badass never say surrender spirit, is what made him famous in the first place. Way to go, Griffin.

# 4


Randy Upset

16 June 2012

Bam! And Randy’s first punch connects-oh yeah, who knew Randy would come out swinging? I sure didn’t, and with the Natural as my favorite fighter, (of all time,) I was glad with the big blow in the beginning but really wished that Randy would stick to his game of dirty boxing and stop trading punches with the giant maniac, but Randy had other plans. Of course, he did shove Silvia against the cage and rough him up, but Couture also showed off his striking skills for five long rounds to win a spectacular unanimous decision and reclaim the UFC Heavyweight Championship. And may I add, that’s quite impressive after reigning as the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.



Penn Upset

31 January 2004

Freshman year of high school, I sat around with my baseball buddies and eagerly awaited what I hoped would be a grand wooping of Matt Hughes. He was one of the greatest UFC Welterweight Champions, and I was sure he would run a takedown clinic on Penn, even though I hoped for an alternate outcome. But it seemed impossible, at least unfeasible, Penn being a lightweight and Hughes being arguably the strongest welterweight of all time. But when Penn took down Hughes, and dominated Hughes, and out-punched Hughes, and then strangled Hughes to a submission victory-hysteria broke loose. I remember one of my friends actually punching another guy in the face because he was so excited. We didn’t know what to do, how to feel, what to think of the MMA world and or the universe. But Penn won, and this fight will go down as #3 on the greatest upsets in UFC history.


UFC 162-Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman

Silva cover

7 July 2013

What needs to be said? Anderson Silva just lost, folks. We never thought we would see the day, and clearly by the way he let his hands hang down by his sides, the former UFC Middleweight Champion didn’t think it would happen either, but it seems that the Spider spun a web of his own demise.  Doesn’t it just sound odd to call Silva the “former” champ? So, in what may be one of the most historic upsets in all of sports history, we have a rematch, and a long wait ahead of us.


UFC 69-Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra

Serra Upset

April 7, 2007

That’s right, everyone thought St. Pierre could tie both hands behind his back and still beat Serra. We thought it would be a joke. A waste of money. Why would Matt Serra fight GSP? However, the little guy from back East believed in nothing but himself and his right hand, and because of that, the greatest UFC upset of all time unfolded before our eyes proving that fairy tales and Rocky stories can come true. Sure, I was and still am a GSP fan, but who couldn’t be happy for Serra? There was the titan, the glorious, perfect champ lying on his back as Serra raised his right hand and instrument of victory high into the air with the UFC Welterweight Belt wrapped around his waist. Oh, the shock. The wonder. The upset.

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