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UFC: Gegard Mousasi – What’s Next for The Dreamcatcher?


We know Gegard Mousasi.  In the cage, he’s electrifying. Skilled, explosive, and violent, but whether he’s knocking opponents to the canvas or claiming titles, he’s also calm and collected. It’s fascinating to observe, and it’s no wonder that Mousasi has become one of the sport’s main attractions, earning a massive fan base and viewership in Strikeforce that will follow him wherever his career leads. Well, like most fighters with dreams and talent, it’s lead him to the UFC, and he’s there to stay.

It’s true: his UFC debut victory over Ilir Latifi was a bit lackluster, some describing the fight as Mousasi jabbing his way to a decision, but he did win, and he won with a torn ACL. The guy’s tough, and he recently announced that he will be back in late November or December with his eyes on the Middleweight title. He believes that his time has come, and in June, he tweeted his dream for the whole MMA world to read:

“@danawhite @ufc I hoop I can fight in december against Belfort… I think my fans would love that fight.”

Of course, Belfort is not the UFC Middleweight Champion, but he is ranked #2 in the division, and an impressive victory over him would definitely land Mousasi a title shot, whether the champ be Anderson Silva or Chris Weidman. But Belfort has declined, refusing the fight, with no apparent explanation. So what’s next for Mousasi?

Should he return at 205 lbs. and pose an actual threat to UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones, something that nobody else, and certainly not Chael Sonnen have been capable of doing, or should he shed some pounds and strike fear into the hearts of middleweights? For UFC fans, it’s a win/win situation. The recent turmult surrounding Weidman’s KO over Silva could definitely escalate into delightful frenzy should the UFC allow Mousasi to fight at 185, and a potential match against Jon Jones would be a treat any for any fan who has longed for a challenger that will actually fight Jones. What are Mousasi’s thoughts? Well, he actually tweeted his fans back in May, asking us what we thought about his potential drop!

Well, if Mr. Mousasi really wants to know what I think, then I suggest that he follow his instinct and drop the weight. Yes, he could battle and possibly defeat Jon Jones, but the road to the belt looks a lot more promising going through the middleweights. Here we have a recently dethroned and possibly disenfranchised former champion, a young and comparatively inexperienced champ next to Mousasi, and a long list of contenders that couldn’t hold their own against Mousasi or Weidman. I say, drop the weight and go after the belt, Mousasi. But only time will reveal what he and the UFC choose to do.



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Zachary Moser
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