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Brock Lesnar: Very Close To Re-Signing With UFC


Close, but not close enough. Earlier this year and in late 2012, Dana White was quoted after UFC 146 as he commented on Brock’s future in the UFC:”Probably the worst meeting we’ve ever had with Brock Lesnar, and I haven’t talked to him since.” Yet, the WWE did not buy this story, and later on their intuitions were proven right.

Dana addressed this issue, stating that the meeting was actually concerning a super-fight between the gargantuan wrestler and the greatest heavyweight of all time, Fedor Emelianenko, and that the meeting went fantastic. Dana has stated that he said the meeting went terrible as a clever ploy to throw the media off of the story and keep the WWE guessing.

Though the WWE will be quick to state they have an iron clad contract with Brock Lesnar, which would not allow for UFC fights, many critics are skeptical. It has also been rumored in the MMA community that Brock’s contract is non-exclusive and refers to him as “On loan to the WWE,” but we cannot be sure. Regardless of whether or not the contract is exclusive, everything relies on Brock Lesnar and his willingness to fight, which reportedly died down when Fedor backed out of their match due to his father’s death. If Brock was willing to take one super fight with Emelianenko earlier this year, than it is likely that he will take another super fight offered to him by the UFC. All that is left to wonder is who, how, and when. Either Lesnar is not bound to the WWE, or we see him sometime soon as Dana would not want to permanently lose their PPV powerhouse. The only other possibility is that Lesnar will return in 2015 when his contract expires. Only one thing is left to wonder, is Lesnar willing to fight at least once more in the UFC?

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