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Video: Joseph Benavidez Bashes Roy Jones Jr. During UFC on Fox 8 Q&A


UPDATE: 7/27/2013, 3:09 P.M. PST

The video has been marked private by the UFC and is no longer viewable.  It could be standard operating procedure or it might also be that some of the commentary by Joseph during the Q&A was, let’s say, less than flattering to the interests of the Association of Boxing Commissions (which currently governs the athletic commissions that regulate UFC).

Today at 5PM ET/2PM PT a Q&A session with flyweight Joseph Benavidez was streamed live on youtube from UFC on Fox 8.

Interesting note:  When asked about the upcoming Rampage Jackson vs Roy Jones Jr. boxing match up he responded with a series of claims that Roy Jones Jr. is past his prime and goes on to proclaim the best fighters in the world are MMA fighters and Boxers have “no knowledge” of any other martial art, thus can’t compete in the ring with an MMA fighter.  Pretty broad and bold statements, we can’t say we agree entirely with his perspective but, to each their own. . .  Let’s see him prove that in the ring some day.

Check out the video and hear the story straight from Benavidez!

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