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UFC 162: Anderson Silva Responds To Fixed Fight Allegations


Saturday on the Brazilian TV show Legendarios, Anderson Silva faced allegations regarding the fight between himself and Weidnman at UFC 162 being intentionally thrown. Silva got quite emotional during the show as he responded to the allegations.


I get a little upset because when I go to fight I get to represent my country. Represent all Brazilians outside of Brazil and inside Brazil. This upset me a lot, people think I sold the fight. I always said that this is a title Brazilian independent being with me or another Brazilian. I always say I do not like to fight because Brazil is a world title if another Brazilian to win this title I’ll keep rooting for this title continues in Brazil.”

There’s been a lot of talk between MMA fans over whether Silva intentionally threw the fight. Many of those who watched the fight felt his showboating and mocking got out of hand, but many other also know this is just Anderson’s game. Whether or nor intentional the fact remains his style of fighting is bound to run the risk of getting caught off guard.

While the question remained on whether the fight was fixed, Silva passionately defended his position, maintaining absolute sincerity in his intent to win. When Dana White was approached with similar questions he snapped back stating the people who believe the fight was fixed are “$!#%ing idiots”.  We may never know what really happened that night at UFC 162, but rest assured the rematch will quell any doubts about the legitimacy of the belt holder.

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