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Cops Up Against MMA?


Since UFC first started its journey back in 1993, MMA over the years has been integrated into our society and become mainstream. People that weren’t previously interested in Martial Arts have started training at their local gyms and learning how to fight. All of this is fantastic on many levels, people are being active, getting involved in a group, getting aggression and stress out in a healthy way, but there is a different not-so-fantastic side to this. Our local defenders of justice our now faced with the a new challenge in the ever-increasing difficulty to conserve peace, your average street douche now probably knows MMA.

The Police have recognized the elevated threat of MMA on the streets, some have learned the harder way than others. The police adapted to these changes in our ever developing culture and adopted MMA based hand to hand training. Officers interviewed have said most of their colleagues train in their off time to continually improve themselves and keep on their toes. A saying I’ve heard in my travels, “While you are resting, the enemy is training”, rings true in this situation. If Police don’t train in their off time to prepare for the increasing hazards they could face then they are not only doing themselves an injustice, but the American public as well. We have all seen those officers who appear to have taken liberties with their training and conditioning (to say the least) that patrol the streets to “protect and serve”. Who do they think they are going to protect if they can’t even protect themselves? Just because you have a badge and a gun doesn’t mean you are invincible.  In the military we are trained to be able to disarm and kill someone even if they are only a step or less in the span of a couple of seconds. It is absolutely essential that Police take the time to train, especially since the department only requires them to do it 3 times a year for a total of 24 hours training time. 3 times a year is not enough. Now I am not saying MMA has warped the world for the worse, far from it, but now all of those would be delinquents have either trained in MMA or at least seen its effectiveness on T.V. so if they don’t want to be detained they are more inclined to try a choke or some type joint lock. Some officers have stepped up their game on an individual basis, but I believe the force as a whole needs to raise the bar and focus more on the practicality of detainee operations without the use of body armor, pepper spray, batons, stun guns, and pistols.

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Sean Culver
Sean’s fascination with Martial Arts began when he was a child going to karate classes in a gym at a local school in Lake Forest, CA. Although his training was cut short, his passion was not. Over the years he became active in competitive wrestling where he took first place in almost all tournaments he competed in. Upon graduating High School Sean felt a higher calling to serve in the military, more specifically, the Army Airborne Infantry. During his time in service he trained in Modern Army Combatives, which is based largely on Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, as well as extensive training on military weapons and tactics. Due to his mental and physical prowess he was sent to intensive training for hand to hand combat tactics where he honed his skills for combat in full battle attire. Having done over two years of combat time in Afghanistan, Sean can bring to light a new side of fighting and tactics that he has not only experienced first hand, but has employed while being in direct contact with the enemy. In addition to Modern Army Combatives, Sean has also trained in Muay Thai, Boxing, and Wing Chun. With as much as Sean loves the Martial Arts, it was only natural that competitive fighting and MMA would draw him into its world of high class fighters.