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Dan Henderson Did Not Take TRT Leading Up To UFC 161 Loss


It is revealed that the Manitoba Combative Sports Commissions did not grant any therapeutic-use exemptions (TUE’s) for UFC 161, where Dan Henderson fought Rashad Evans to a split decision loss. This could cause curiosity due to the fact that Dan Henderson has been using testosterone replacement therapy since 2007. Looking more dangerous than he has in his entire career the past few years, and looking nothing like the new Dan Henderson in the Evans fight, you have to wonder how much of a boost TRT really gives him. In this fight he looked slow and lethargic, as opposed to the fight before this against Karate expert Lyoto Machida, where though he lost a split decision, he looked extremely energetic and dangerous.
Henderson says the reason he did not apply for a TUE in this fight, was that it simply was not going to be approved. “It didn’t look like they would approve it, so I just quit taking the testosterone,” Henderson told MMAjunkie.com. “I stopped about six to eight weeks out. I was told by my doctor that wouldn’t be a problem at all. I wasn’t using that much, anyway.”

Dan Henderson has a testosterone deficiency due to hypergonadism, which the Manitoba Commission stated was not specific enough to obtain a TUE, so Dan Henderson simply pulled his application. Hendo claims that he does not notice much of a difference while using TRT, except that he gets sick less often and his exercise induced asthma fades away. “A lot of people seem to think if you’re on TRT, it’s like a wonder drug and you’re automatically going to win fights, or you don’t have to work hard. But I work my ass off with or without it.
It was a little bit frustrating, but it wasn’t a huge issue. There was nothing I could do about it, so I just moved forward.”

Regardless of any gossip or controversy, Dan Henderson has earned the title of legend in the sport of MMA. He is a walking example for us to study the use of TRT in sports, and its effects. Though he does not abuse it, and simply uses it to achieve normal testosterone levels, the question begging to be asked is simply how much does it actually help? I suppose we will see in his next fight, where the 43 year old will be returning to his TRT use.

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