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Brutal Streetfight: Paul Daley, Maiquel Falcao Cut From Bellator


Paul Daley and Maiquel Falcao have both been unconditionally released from the MMA promotion, Bellator. Unconditionally meaning they have no contractual obligations and may immediately begin fighting for any other promotion they choose. They were released not due to losses, or issues with the promotion however, but due to violent legal issues.

In Brazil, Falcao was seen recently on a security camera in a gas station slapping a woman with his wallet. It was not long after that the women’s male friends showed up and attacked Falcao and his training partner Kaue Mena outside the gas station. Mena was almost immediately knocked out by one of the men who bludgeoned him over the head with a large wooden board. Falcao stood and fought the men while being jumped, until the men either left or the police showed up. Falcao and Mena were both hospitalized with Falcao leaving the next day and Mena remaining in critical condition for weeks after the incident. This all happened after Falcao was released from the UFC due to his violent history with women. Bellator had no choice but to let him go. It is unknown whether he will face charges for this incident.

In England, Paul Daley recently has pleaded guilty to one count of assault by beating and two counts of obstructing or resisting a constable in executing their duties. Daley will not be facing any jail time, but according to Bellator, the incident would cause him future visa issues.

Bellator’s director of communications Anthony Mazzuca, said that they reviewed the situation in every possible way they could. Regarding Paul Daley, he said “We examine each situation on a case by case basisand, in these two instances, the violent nature of both situations has led to our decision to release both fighters from the organization. We recently received and reviewed the real documents in Daley’s situation, which made clear that he was not in fact cleared, but was actually convicted of both assault by beating and obstructing an officer.”
And in Falcao’s case, he is quoted  “And, in Maiquel’s situation the video speaks for itself. After reviewing the footage and speaking to the parties involved, including Maiquel and his former manager and trainer Marcelo Brigadeiro, we felt this was the appropriate decision. Maiquel was nothing but a professional during his time with Bellator, but these recent developments have prevented us from keeping Maiquel with the organization.”

He also stated that there are no hard feelings, and Bellator wishes both fighters the best in future events.
Falcao’s fight can be found on www.youtube.com

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