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UFC 163: Conference Call – Recap


Listening in on the UFC 163 conference call today at 11AM, SciFighting was able to pick and choose the most relevant questions and answers from the fighters involved in the event.

Jose Aldo was asked if he expects to fight for the lightweight title, if he is to defeat Chan Sung Jung at 163.
His response, “Im taking it one step at a time. I will decide what to do after this fight, it would be disrespectful to overlook him”

Lyoto Machida wass asked if he has the same motivation in the Phil Davis fight, knowing he is not in the contender spot, and if he thinks he should be.
“I want to fight for the title, but i have to be motivated for this fight so that I can get to the title fight”

Phil Davis wass asked where he sees himself with a win.
“I dont know where I fit in with title contention. I go fight by fight. If I get a finish, it will put me a lot further along than a loss or just a win.

Phil Davis is than asked how much he has prepared for Machida, and if he has training partners emulating him.
“I brought in a couple people. Nobody can really do what he does. He is unique with a really good set of skills. I dont have to spar with a guy like him to win. I just have to be prepared and be on my A game.”

Both Davis and Machida were told that they are in a title contention fight, and Cormier who is dropping from heavyweight demanded an immediate shot. They were asked how they feel about Cormier cutting the line.

Phil’s response, “I dont mind. What it comes down to is selling the fight and performing. After this fight the fans will want me to fight for the title so im not worried”

Machida’s response, “I believe there is a ranking system that should be followed. There’s a lot of guys in the mix, and that is not fair. Cormier should have to prove himself in the division.”

The Korean Zombie was asked how Korea is responding to this fight.
“In MMA circles it is being treated as one of the biggest fights in Korean MMA. The general public is also very interested in this fight, not just MMA fans.”

Phil Davis was told he was in a similar title contention bout before with Rashad Evans, and asked what he will do differently this time.
“I know what not to do. You cannot compare Rashad Evans with Machida. They are two completely different fighters. I know what not to do. I learned not to get beat up. I dont know how ill win this fight with Machida specifically, im just going to rough him up”

This was the last question of the Conference call.  We’ll be watching to see how things pan out for this anticipated event!

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