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UFC: Anderson Silva’s Change Of Heart


When Anderson Silva lost by KO to Chris Weidman at UFC 162, he immediately declined his wish for a rematch. Silva was quick to say that he was done fighting for the title, and will just finish his contract. I knew immediately that Anderson was going to change his mind. A champions pride is a very sensitive thing, and I knew that Anderson was going to have trouble sleeping with this fight on his mind. Anderson simply could not remember what it was like to lose, or how to handle it. After a seventeen fight win streak and ten title defenses, this is completely understandable. On the Brazilian radio show “Mundo Da Luta” Anderson stated, “I was so sad with myself, with my lack of control of the moment, that i said some words that were not nice. I said that i wouldn’t fight for the title. But after I signed the contract earlier this year, Dana told me he would give me a rematch if I lost the belt. I was so out of myself that I didn’t think about it.”.

Silva might have been embarrassed, but he plans to right his ship and take his belt back. “I lost my focus and made a technical mistake. It was one of the things i left, the philosophy of the martial art, and it cost me the belt. I always fight with this feeling of keeping the martial art philosophy, and keeping control of the situation. Trying to be as calm as possible for me to keep the balance of the octagon is very hard to do.”
Its no secret to anybody that the standup fight was more lost by Anderson Silva, than won by Chris Weidman. No insult to Chris at all, but you can only keep your hands at your waist while fighting professionals for so long before you get knocked out. Fans of Anderson Silva are criticizing the now former champion, and he understands this completely. “The criticism is valid, but I’m human, I made a technical mistake and it was good for me and the people around me to learn. I had to be able to know that focus is always needed. I lost focus and now I will get better.”

We can only hope that Anderson learns from his mistake, and we get to see a much more competitive fight at UFC 168 in December.

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