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The Army’s Badass Explosives


Alright, are you ready for some high powered explosives sure to blast you right out of your pants? I’m about to enlighten all of you on some of the fun toys the Army gets to play with and the insane destructive power they hold. So here is a list of pure awesomeness:

First up, the M18A1 Claymore Mine.M18_Claymore_Mine

If any of you have played Call of Duty then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Although, unlike the game the real deal isn’t some paltry excuse for a weapon. This little guy is absolutely devastating. Inside this beast you have C-4 lined with over 700 1/8 inch ball bearings that turn into the equivalent of a .22 cal. rimfire bullet after detonation. The kill zone of the M18A1 Claymore mine is 6 1/2 feet high, by 50 meters wide, by 50 meters long. So to put that into perspective for you, it will kill EVERYTHING in the space of half a football field. M18A1 Claymore Mine, we salute you and all your badassery.

Since we are on the topic of :C-4 Plastic Explosive


C-4 by itself usually isn’t used for killing people, well, at least in the Army. It is also commonly known as plastic explosives and is very malleable. C-4 is extremely stable, lighting it on fire or exposing it to microwave radiation or shooting it won’t make it explode. It needs extreme heat and a shockwave, like from a blasting cap. C-4 is mostly used for destruction- destroying structures, destroying enemy weapons, destroying enemy bombs, destroying doors that need breaching. Let me tell you, anything you put C-4 on will be completely vaporized. A few blocks in a small house will bring the entire house crumbling to bits. I thoroughly enjoyed obliterating the enemies weapons with this. C-4, we salute you and respect your immense power of obliteration.

Up next we have one of my personal favorites, the M67 Fragmentation Grenade


Nothing on this planet will ever make you harder than throwing a frag grenade IN COMBAT. If it doesn’t, you either don’t have that anatomy, or you’re an idiot and blew yourself up because you throw like a 4 year old girl. Now not only are these grenades relatively light, but for their small size they pack a HUGE punch. These killers will make anything within a 5 meter radius instantly die, and wound anything else within a 15 meter radius by shredding their flesh with burning hot chunks of metal. That is a 25 foot circle of pure death, and a 75 foot circle of mutilation, all fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. You hard yet?

Speaking of grenades, this next one will make you explode: MK19 Grenade Launcher


The MK19 fully automatic grenade launcher, although the weapon itself is not an explosive, the amount of explosive havoc it wreaks upon the world deserves to be mentioned. This weapon was my baby for a while overseas, she’s a belt fed beauty who launches 40mm grenades up to 2,212 meters at a rate of 325-375 rounds per minute. When my baby sang the enemy cried out in terror, since each grenade has a 5 meter kill radius and a 15 meter casualty radius. Basically, there is no escape from the absolute carnage the MK19 leaves in its wake.

Last on my small list of badass explosives is the not so small: 120mm Mortar System

Operation Enduring Freedom

Holy crap doesn’t even begin to cover the words that are used when this giant bellows. Each mortar is approximately 55 lbs of absolute terror and is capable of being launched 7200 meters! If you don’t want to do the math that is about 4.5 miles. There are different types of rounds that can fired from this bad boy as well, such as the HE (high explosive) round which has a kill radius of 70 meters! Thats HUGE!  It will kill everything in the space of nearly 3/4 of a football field, and if you think that is bad just wait until you hear about this next round. My favorite round of all time, the 120mm White phosphorous mortar, also known as “Willy Pete”. For those of you who have never taken chemistry, let me educate you a little bit about phosphorous. Upon impact, these rounds release white phosphorous into the air in a giant cloud of smoke, due to the chemical nature of phosphorous it will continue to burn until deprived of oxygen, or a fuel source. So if this gets on your skin, good luck. You can cut off your skin or try to smother it with mud, water will do you no good because the phosphorus will take the oxygen straight from the water. And if you breathe it in- say goodbye to your respiratory system. After all of that, if by some miracle you managed to survive, you would still have to worry about poisoning from your body absorbing it into your system, which can cause multiple organ failure. Any way you spin it equals death, and this is why good ol’ Willy Pete is my most favorite round of all time. Oh, and I forgot to mention, each one of these 120mm rounds has different settings of death: Impact, Delay, Proximity, and Near Surface Burst. 120mm mortars I salute you and all of your horrible, chaotic, havoc wreaking, destructive beauty.

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