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Women In MMA: Is It Really A Question?


Should women be allowed to fight in Mixed Martial Arts? The general population seems to have issues with women fighting in this high contact combat sport. Mixed Martial Arts has grown in popularity over the years and women’s role in the sport is just now being recognized and further defined.

Women who fight know exactly what they are getting into and train just as hard as the males. Liz Carmouche fought for our country as a US marine in Iraq. She like many women showed great strength and courage overseas. We can allow women to show courage when we see fit, just not in the cage?  If we can put women in a war situation, why not allow them to do it themselves with a worthy opponent in a cage for a combat sport they love?

Ronda Rousey’s mother had been training her mentally and physically since the day she was born. She was raised to compete.  Are we (the fans, the commissions, the promoters) going to be the ones to tell her and her mother, the cage is no place for a woman pick another sport? If Rhonda should have picked a less combative sport like tennis, or track would she have been the best competitor, the competitor we see today?  We can only speculate.  We do know however, that Mixed Martial Arts takes a level of mental as well as psychical skill and conditioning.  If a women has that, why deny her the right to us it?

Scientifically speaking, males have more upper body strength then females. The testosterone in males make their bodies develop and function more efficiently in that manner. Female’s hormones (estrogen) and fatty acids allows them to have more natural endurance then males.  And please let’s not bring up the bone density argument because it holds little medical or scientific merit. There are many studies showing women who have higher bone density than men and vice versa, so you can assume environmental, dietary and hereditary factors come into play for those differences, versus any argument towards gender. Neither the male or female body is better or worse, simply different. Scientific studies aside, we are not discussing putting a male and female in the cage together. The sport is split up into weight classes for a reason, so it’s fair to the fighters in each corner. That’s why there are Referees and judges. Female or Male you are given the fairest matchup possible, no one is suggesting we put a 125 pound female in the cage with a 180 pound male.

Is it because we as a society don’t want women to lose their femininity? Take a look at Miesha Tate, tell me she isn’t feminine. Is it because we don’t want to see women getting hit in the face or choked out, but why do we enjoy watching the guys in the cage do the same thing. Whatever the reason, this is clearly a concern that is being voiced as the popularity of the sport rises. I myself am not going to count these ladies out.

So ask yourself the question should females be allowed to fight?  You decide…  Are you going to tell Ronda Rousey she doesn’t belong in the cage?  Let’s see how well you can defend against that arm bar of her’s!

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Autumn Ziemba
Autumn’s interest in Martial Arts began in her early teens through her father and brother. They trained together for several years. During those years she was also active in Sports. Autumn took a break from Martial Arts and athletics to pursue her education. She completed her Undergraduate Degree at Oneonta State College in Sociology with a concentration in Pre-professional Human Services. She then studied Social Sciences at Binghamton University receiving her Masters in Social Science in 2009. Her passion lies in Gender equality for sports and facets of Mixed Martial Arts. She currently works as a Criminal Justice Professional. Writing is a passion of hers and she enjoys engaging with people of various backgrounds to gain an understanding of different perspectives in the world of MMA.