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UFC: Ellenberger states “Rory should plan for some horizontal tv time”


Jake Ellenberger is pulling no verbal punches, heading into his fight with Rory MacDonald at UFC On Fox 8. During a UFC press call he was quoted “I haven’t said anything that wasn’t true. And my message to Rory is pretty clear, for him to start testing some flavors of baby food and find out which ones you like and stock up, because this isn’t the Tears for Fears look alike contest. All I said was for him to prepare for some horizontal television time, and i meant it.”

Apparently unfazed by Ellenbergers new Cheal Sonnen persona, Rory was quick to reply “It’s very unusual the way he speaks about a lot of things, I really don’t understand some of his one-liners. Some of them feel like he’s rehearsed things he wrote down, but i really don’t know. I don’t really care. I just want to fight someone and i want to fight the best in the world. That’s all it is. That’s my job. Its nothing personal.

Young prodigy, Rory MacDonald burst onto the MMA scene and made a huge splash when he rag dolled Nate Diaz all over the ring. From that point forward he has been nothing short of spectacular in every facet of MMA. Often referred to as the next St-Pierre, he actually trains with Georges on a daily basis. If MacDonald gets through Ellenberger, Dana White has stated he will get a shot at the the Canadian champ. Rory has stated he will not fight Pierre, and will have to be prepared for that decision depending on the outcome of his fight with Jake. Regardless, Rory will be more than prepared for his match with Jake Ellenberger July 27th. Jake better be prepared to back up his words in this exciting title eliminator.

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