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Military Might: Aerial Advancement, The UAV


The advancement of our aerial aircraft in the last few decades is catapulting us into a stage of unmanned and autonomous strength. The backing of successfully carrying out a mission without having to endanger lives or needing to worry about the fatigue on the human pilot is one of great appeal. Now it has been some time, roughly late 2003, since the first UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) was flight tested and introduced to us, but since then the UAV program has gone even further.

We first started with drones, a simple radio controlled aircraft being flown by a human pilot at all times. Small and with a limited payload capability they were the stepping stone to what is in the works now. They are incorporating sleeker designs, autonomous capabilities, and possibly unlimited flight time with the solar-electric capabilities.Along with the UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) our militaries are getting us farther and farther into an autonomous military.

X47B UAV prototype
X47B UAV prototype

They are now as large as naval strike aircraft and reaching the same speeds. Able to be launched and recovered from aircraft carriers carrying a much more diverse variety of armaments and capabilities and even taking designs that have gotten UFO sightings flooding stations. Submarine launching, Thermosphere orbiting, border patrolling, scientific research, and commercial needs; the UAV program is definitely the present and continuing future for our aerial strength. Is this the bottleneck though for advancement in flight? Will things progress further with possible invention of artificial intelligence? All heresay, speculation and rumors aside having an autonomous military is great but, as COD Black ops 2 says it “what happens if the enemy takes the keys?”.

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Zachary Moser
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