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UFC: The Significance Of Anderson vs Weidman 2


Unfortunately for fight fans, the fight between these two titans earlier this month left a lot of us feeling a little cheated. Anderson came out taunting and playing more than he has with any opponent up until this point. Obviously he paid for it, and Weidman is the new champion, but this fight has largely been seen as somewhat of a fluke. Weidman is still the underdog in the rematch, and everybody seems to just want to see these two go at it  again before they will accept the first result. As unfair to Chris as this may be, that is unfortunately how it is. So what does the rematch mean?

Anderson Silva’s legacy in this sport has already been solidified as arguably the best there has been up until this point. Fortunately for the Spider, the fight world seems completely ready for him to win the rematch, and accept the first fight as something that should have never happened to begin with. Much like GSP vs Serra 1. It seems to be a self fulfilling prophesy that Anderson will reclaim his belt, and continue his dominance for at least a couple more years. This is an optimistic view for Silva fans, but what happens if none of this goes according to plan?

The effects of Weidman vs Silva 1, in the long run, are so prevalent that it makes heads spin. In case you missed something, we lost the possibility of the biggest two potential super-fights in MMA history, we lost the greatest champion the UFC has ever obtained, and there is the question of whether the casuals who only watched pay-per-views with Anderson Silva, will stick around or leave. Are we ready to accept the possibility of Weidman winning the rematch? Is the MMA world ready for the first new middleweight champion in six years? Is Weidman as marketable as Silva?

Anderson Silva is an anomaly. He is a one of a kind athlete who brings legitimacy to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. He will be one of the few early fighters remembered. Twenty years from now, he will be compared to the greats of that time, and possibly still argued as the greatest there ever was. This rematch is more than just a rematch. Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman 2, may be the fight that the future direction of this sport hinges on. Stay tuned folks.

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Adam Brennan
Coming from a family of fighters, and growing up on the jiujitsu mats of half a dozen MMA schools in Orange County and Los Angeles, Adam Brennan is a well informed member of the rapidly growing Mixed Martial Art community. As a competitor in the sport, he is very opinionated and vocal about both the flaws surrounding it and it's positive impacts on the martial arts community. Adam's love for the sport drives him to advocate solutions to issues and promote the successes. Dreaming of a career as a fighter, Adam spends his days as working two jobs and training hard every night at Kings MMA in Huntington Beach. Being a huge advocate of better athlete pay and a fighter union, he will stop at nothing to do his part to help bring the sport to the next level.