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Shamrock Brothers Back To Love


Ken and Frank Shamrock have had a strong, non fabricated MMA grudge between them for over a decade. They have been at each others throats with words, and talks of an actual MMA match, since the infant stages of the sport we love. According to Frank Shamrock, this is due to an undisclosed business opportunity. He was quoted saying “We sat down and really had a conversation, and I think our relationship is back on track. We’ll see where it goes. There’s a business opportunity that got us sitting down for a couple of hours. It was really nice. It was very positive for both of us. It feels good to put it behind you, to move on emotionally. Kind of have that feeling of rest, thats the best part for me. It’s a new chapter, move on. It’s been a long time.” This is a complete one-eighty from the MMA fight the two agreed to have in 2009, to settle the feud between them with combat as opposed to the actual conclusion they came to, using only words.

Aside from the curiosity this invokes out of the MMA community, as to what these two legends may have the capability of achieving together on the business side of things, the story itself is heartwarming. Bob Shamrock, the adoptive father of the brothers, passed away in 2010. Frank and Ken are both products of a home for troubled kids he ran in Susanville, CA. The brothers legally changed their surname to shamrock, in honor of the great man. If he could see them reunited today, it would bring him peace.

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