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Chuck Liddell Is Not Impressed

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Among the large amount of somewhat recent complaints concerning safe, point-fighting, Chuck Liddell has vocalized an assault on boring fighters. He states this as the biggest problem in MMA, over things like TRT exceptions and fighter pay. He was quoted by AXS TV’s Inside MMA saying “I’m probably not going to be popular with the fighters with this one, but my biggest problem is guys playing it safe, I understand why you’d want to play it safe and want to win the fight, win every fight. I get it. But do I want to watch a guy go beat a guy for four rounds and then ride him the fifth round not doing anything?”

As one of the greatest light-heavyweights there has ever been in this young sport, and as a notorious knockout artist who never looked to win decisions, he has more than a right to voice this opinion. When the topic of fighter pay comes up, Chuck will be more than willing to tell fighters that it is in their own hands. “You want to be worth more? Go out and fight. Have fun. Knock people out. Submit them. Beat them. I don’t care. Just go try to finish a fight.

Without directly attacking him, Chuck sites fighters like Georges St-Pierre and other point fighters who use the Greg Jackson approach as the bulk of the problem. True to his style, Liddell never ventured away from his exciting style of swinging for the fences and taking every chance he could to win the fight. He states “That’s one of the reasons I retired. To stick around, the way I was fighting, I would have to start playing it safe. I went out on my shield. That’s the way i liked it. I fought that way my whole career. I don’t want to bore people my last three or four fights.

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