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UFC to MMA as WWE is to Wrestling?


Have we seen this all before? It seems awfully familiar. Just short from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson making an appearance it’s safe to say there’s some murmuring around the corner of this turning into another “professional” sport.

Now we aren’t literally saying that UFC is like WWE (mainly because chairs, tables and ladders aren’t involved) but it seems there is a growing part of the community that feels that the sport is turning into every other professional sport.

That professional athletes end up becoming consumed by their pay and more importantly their ego (cough Silva cough) and all other things fall to the wayside of them. Not labeling all the headliners this way but it is coming to the point where one contemplates buying the pay per view match to possibly see a good fight or scouring Facebook prelim fights you know will be putting 110% of themselves into each swing, throw and pin. It’s not that fights are getting fixed but are getting picked. Certain people dropping out at the last minute with a replacement who isn’t on the same level ends up getting knocked out and just adding to that persons record. People getting put up against those with three to four times less experience and trying to put on that it was a shocker for the inexperienced guy to go down so quickly. Or better yet how about these kids with no tact and definitely no skill or grace, making it undefeated for so long when a pet monkey could outperform. Undefeated sounds a lot better than 7-4. Wonder how they went all the way though? I can’t be the only one that thinks something is a little fishy with these fights. Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

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Zachary Moser
Zack grew up in Oxnard, CA and has been immersed in the martial arts realm since the ripe age of 5. Starting with kickboxing under the tutelage of Dana Charvet he progressed to achieving his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and American Judo by the age of 17 along with playing and competing in every sport he could get his hands on. Never being the big guy he has had to adapt to situations and techniques to have him come out on top in competitions, in which he is undefeated. After High School he heard the call to join the U.S. Navy and was later discharged after 3 years of service with the rank of OS2 (Operations Specialist Petty Officer 2nd class). Once his contract was ended he worked with an air emissions testing company for a few years and is now excited to be back in the world of fighting in which desperately missed. He's here to give the analytical side to fights, showing key turning points of a fight and missed opportunities along with different aspects of fighting outside of the octagon. Hoping to bring realization, clarity and information that affect every aspect of life.