Chael Sonnen: Shogun Is A Legend


It looks like Chael Sonnen is taking a different approach as to how he usually trash talks pretty heavily about his opponents before fight night. Looks like there’s plenty of respect for the man he will be competing against next, and he’s not afraid to share his admiration. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua has made a reputation for himself as being one of the tougher fighters on the planet. These two former championship caliber fighters will look to see who the better fighter is.

Chael discussed his admiration with The Sports Hub:

“You know what, Rua seems like a really great guy. He’s one of the few legends that are still fighting, and anytime you get old and you retire from the sport there’s been an instant assignment of legend status. He truly is a legend; I admire him, I admire what he’s done in the ring. He’s good, he’s not me, but he is very good.”

There’s plenty to admire about the career of Shogun. He’s faced against some of the best of the light heavyweight division and was an all-star in Pride. He’s career in the UFC has had its ups and downs but he’s continued to earn the respect of his peers and fans.

There two will look to fight for relevancy. Both are looking at possibly being considered a gate keeper if they are unsuccessful in this next fight. There’s plenty riding in this fight and look for Chael and Shogun to bring out the best in each other.