Chael Sonnen And Lebron James Are All Good Now


Remember that so called beef between UFC on Fox Sports 1 headliner Chael Sonnen and current two time NBA champion Lebron James? Yeah, neither do we, but it looks like cooler heads have prevailed and everything is all good now.

Chael has more important things to focus about. Like how about his fight with former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. And his commentary and analytical duties with the UFC, but this is Chael P. Sonnen we’re talking about. So of course he can find other grudges with athletes in other sports.

Chael discussed what transpired and how everything is fine with The Sports Hub:

“LeBron is off the hook. LeBron has made it right. He’s off the hook. That’s between LeBron and I, but he did the right thing and I forgive him. I was gonna beat him up and tweet out the photos of it. It wouldn’t have been brutal, he would have gotten out of the hospital. I wouldn’t have punched him, he’s a big nerd, I would have just taken him down and embarrassed him a little bit. I wouldn’t have hurt him. We’re good.”

There’s not much else that we can say about this little saga here. Let’s hope that Chael just stays focused on the fight game and not in other avenues.

His fight with Shogun should be a good one and luckily for us, it will be on free TV. Who takes the bout of former UFC contenders?