Nick Diaz Offered A “Neat” Fight


As much as Nick Diaz wants to claim that he’s retire from the fight game, he’s too young and still in the prime of his career. Sure he’s lost two straight but they were against two of the best welterweights in the division. If Nick came back to fighting,  there are plenty of opportunities for him to work his way back up the divisional ladder. Looks like Dana White has offered Nick a fight and it looks like Cesar Gracie likes the fight that they offered.

Cesar Gracie revealed the opportunity to

“As far as his fighting and everything. He’s been in Vegas, he just got back a couple of days ago. There is an offer on the table, that’s all I can say. It’s something everyone is looking at right now and discussing with him. Dana has offered him a fight. There is an offer on the table, I can’t say who it is, but it’s kind of neat I think. But no decisions have been made for sure.”

As much as Diaz states that he’s done with fighting. There’s no way for us to take that seriously. Sure he wants the big fights with Anderson Silva or another bout with Georges St. Pierre, but everyone wants that.

There’s a chance for him to get back into the fight game and a chance for him to bring his brash and interesting style back to the fans.

If it’s a neat fight that has been offered to him, let’s hope he takes it and runs with it.