Hendricks Will Take Out Georges St Pierre

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

A passing of the guard has taken place recently and look for it to continue throughout the year. The year of GSP and Anderson Silva being the dominant champions of their respective divisions will be coming to a close. We already witnessed what transpired with Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman at UFC 162. Weidman was able to knock out the greatest middleweight of all time and while some say that Anderson defeated himself, Chris was able to knock him out. Plain and simple.

The welterweights will be competing in November and it’s a bout that will change the welterweight division. You won’t find Georges St Pierre playing the cocky arrogant role like Anderson did. GSP will look to play it safe and cautious, like he does in all of his fights. It won’t be enough though. Hendricks has the wrestling credentials to keep the bout standing and all he needs is one left hook and it will be good night for the welterweight champion.

The UFC had a problem with only having a few real superstars that they can rely on to have profitable and huge events. Anderson Silva, GSP, Jon Jones are only a few that can bring in big numbers for the organization. With Weidman and Hendricks taking over the thrones of their respective divisions, it will open the divisions up again and we will be seeing some exciting bouts in the near future.

Last year was the year of the injury, this year is the year of new school taking over old school. Be ready fight fans, this year will be one that you will never want to forget.