Rory MacDonald And Jake Ellenberger Continue Trash Talk


The bout between Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger is continuing their war of words before their bout at UFC on Fox 8. There is a mutual disdain towards each other. Both feel that the other shouldn’t be as ranked as high as they are and are looking to move up the welterweight rankings. They started their trash talk on twitter and things escalated during the UFC on Fox 8 media conference. Here’s a little bit of what transpired:

Jake Ellenberger: I never said anything that wasn’t true and my message was clear. I told him to prepare for some horizontal television time and I meant it.

Rory MacDonald: It doesn’t really bother me either way. I don’t care about disrespecting me. I just get in there and fight my fight. If they suffer they suffer, I don’t really care. It makes them look like an asshole.

Jake Ellenberger: Damn it I’m an evidence-based abuser. I didn’t make him make the stupid decision to fight me. I’m just gonna make him look stupid when I destroy him.

Rory MacDonald: I’m just gonna focus on this fight for now. My whole career has been going with the flow. Everything changes after each fight. I’ll see where I am after this fight and assess the options from there.

Look for the winner of this bout to be considered the top contender for the UFC welterweight championship. Both are top 5 ranked welterweights and will be looking to make a statement in Seattle.

Who takes this bout of elite welterweights?