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Women’s MMA: What’s it mean to you?


Have you ever had the urge to prove something with every fiber of your being? Every morning you wake up and know the world is going to challenge you, everything about you, but you’re a fighter and fighters never quit. You’re born with a fighter’s heart and you make your body progress with training, nutrition, and balance.  Male or female, the fibers don’t change, the want, the need to fight doesn’t change, but the gender bias still remains.

Women are constantly evolving in this sport; they have the same rules as males, fight with the same heart. Yet they still get written off as “cat fighters” and “hair pullers”.  If you remember the Cat Zingano vs Miesha Tate Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale fight, Cat Zingano beat Miesha Tate via TKO at 2:55 of Round 3.  There was no hair pulling or biting. That was the pure evolution of the female fighter.

Even with Invicta and Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate in the Ultimate Fighter, women’s MMA continues to prove itself to the fans and to young women everywhere who might once have been discouraged by the gender bias in the sport.  The bar has been raised and women are stepping above it. Fighting for equality is something women have done for decades, but MMA has made women go through leaps and bounds to be seen and respected.  They are not getting in the cage with the soul purpose of fighting each other, but every time a women steps up into the cage she is fighting not only for her right to be there, but the right of other current and future female fighters as well.

Women in general have always had to prove themselves and push the boundaries of gender inequality, in the workforce, in government and in sports. Great improvements have been made and the goal is still the same. Women need to be out there and say “I am a fighter; I do not and will not give up because you underestimate me”. Women are here to stay.  I believe they will only make the sport more entertaining, complex and inspiring as it continues to evolve.

So the next time someone says, “You hit like a girl” remember that doesn’t mean what it used to.

If you have any stories of your own, male or female, we’d love to hear from you.  Let us know your thoughts on Women’s MMA and what you think can be improved or should be changed!