Cub Swanson Wants Lamas or Edgar If Not Title Shot


    Cub Swanson is currently on a five-fight winning streak. He’s looking to compete against the winner of Jose Aldos or Chan Sung Jung. He understands that the UFC featherweight title shot may not be next in line and if that’s true then he’s got two contenders that he wants to compete against. Ricardo Lamas or Frankie Edgar. Long are the days where he was used as a stepping stone against Aldo or Pulver. He’s a true contender in the division and he’s looking to prove it.

    He discussed his thoughts with Bloody Elbow:

    W”ell, if they are going to give someone else Aldo then that’s way too  long for me to wait.  I’m in prime position right now.  I’m doing well.   There’s no sense in me waiting, but I do want that fight and if I have  to fight one more time then I would like the Ricardo Lamas fight or the Frankie Edgar fight.

    I’ve thought about (losing) and I just think that if I did, for some reason,  lose because the talent is so high, I wouldn’t get down on myself.  I  would just make the adjustments and try to get right back on a win  streak because at this point of my career and in my life, I’m having so  much fun fighting and I just like to get out there and do it.”

    Both fights are exciting fights for the featherweight division. There would be no doubt that Swanson would be in line for a title shot if victorious. Which fight makes the most sense?