Dominick Cruz Not Worried About Belt


Dominick Cruz is the current bantamweight champion. He hasn’t competed in over a year and a half and it looks like the belt is not of importance to him anymore. He’s focusing more on being healthy and getting back in the shape that he used to be in.

He discussed his thoughts with MMA mania:

“I can’t worry about the belt. It’s really not my position to decide  whether I keep it because I’ve been injured or whether Dana takes it or  whether Barao has it. The belt is there. The bottom line is me getting  healthy so I can go out there and do what I do best which is prove why I  am where I am today. I’m not here by accident. I work hard to be there  I’m at and I’m working hard in therapy to make sure I return to form as  soon as possible. That’s the goal. It’s been a very tedious, tough  process…. Nobody wants to wait including me. I don’t want to have to  wait but I don’t really have a choice at this point other than to take  my time and come back strong.”

Dominick Cruz has no problem with Renan Barao holding onto the interim championship until he gets back. He’s focused on getting healthy first and if the championship is no longer in his grasp then he will work his way back to the top.

What do you guys think? Should Dominick Cruz focus on being champion or should he focus on his health?